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Rapid Deployment Logistics Support
for Every Requirement

HI-TECH RFID Delivers A Wide Range Of Capabilities to Support Your Mission

RFID Inventory / Asset Tracking Solution

CAC-enabled Mobile Computer and iPhone / Smartphone APP
HI-TECH's strategic approach delivers the fastest, most accurate Inventory/Asset Management with an innovative combination of highly customized components tailored to your specific requirement.

With over 30 years experience and as a State of Maryland Master CATS+ Approved Contractor, HI-TECH provides IT Consulting and Technical Services and Solutions to State Agencies.  Since 1987, HI-TECH has installed and integrated hardware and software systems in 3,000+ organizations including Major Universities, Military, State and Local Governments.

Buyer Beware: Initially, “self-installed” systems may be fun to tinker and learn but following HI-TECH’s proven, rapid-deployment methodology saves hundreds, even thousands of hours and ensures success.  With HI-TECH you gain access to our streamlined Kickoff process which becomes your Project Plan, data normalization services, customized set-up templates, security checks, role-based training guides and custom report development.

The Bryans
"The Bryans" and their team of engineers are personally committed to your success!

Executive Summary
HI-TECH Business Systems and Teaming Partners WASP Barcode Technologies and Honeywell have created a customized Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Solution to meet mission critical, rapid deployment requirements.  There are an estimated 1,000+ WASP Military installations and over 500,000 Enterprise installations currently in use.

HI-TECH also brings forms capabilities to integrate solutions, CAC-enabled RFID and 0% Detectable Crypto RFID Tag technology.

New Breakthrough Capabilities:
HI-TECH Customized - Honeywell "Hybrid" CN80G Android Mobile
  • Snap-on CAC Reader
  • Snap-on RFID Pistol Attachment with Adjustable-Ultra Short/Mid/Long-Range Settings
    Hybrid: Remove the RFID Pistol to use 1D/2D Barcode scanning in SCIF
  • Scans Barcodes of CAC for Instant Check-In/Check-out
  • OPTIONAL “CAC-Suspend Mode” for 2nd CAC User Authentication
HI-TECH Custom Honeywell CN80G
Custom Hand Receipt Printing
  • On-demand Portable Print Receipt for Check-In/Check-Out – Also works with Desktop Label Printer
  • Autofill DoD PDF Forms while Preserving Electronic Signature Field for “Live” CAC-Based Signature After Completion
  • Extract Data from DoD Completed Forms to Populate Asset/Inventory Fields
HI-TECH Custom Hand Receipts - Check-in Check-out
NEW WASP Mobile Work Order Module
  • Assign Tasks with Quick Maintenance or Work Orders
  • Complete Work Orders and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Mobile APP Works in “Batch” Mode if Out of Range of Wi-Fi or Cellular (Auto Syncs Stored Entries when Back In Range)
  • Instantly Attach Photos – iPhone/Android Smartphones/Tablets
  • Easily Limit Inventory to Individual Soldier, Squadron, Brigade, Component Commands, etc.
Dynamic Workflows Routing of Forms
  • Easily Apply Decision Logic to Form Routing based on $ Value, Type of Equipment, etc.
  • Time Lapse Monitoring to Trigger Reminder Notifications, Forwarding Up Chain of Command and Other Actions
  • Condition-based Approval/Disapproval Routing Paths
  • Mobile App Document Retrieval, Form Completion
  • DoD 5015.2 Certified
HI-TECH Automated Forms Completion 3161
Rapid, Precise RFID Tag Deployment with Robotic Automation

Featuring the latest UV Instant Cure and Structured Adhesives for Extreme Environments.

Whether portable or benchtop, high speed precision affixing of encased RFID Tags is often overlooked.  Once scaled, established Robotic RFID Protocols ensure high reliability and the lowest total cost of operation. 

0% DETECTABILITY: New Crypto and "Mechanical" Switch Off Mode Eliminates In-Theater Detection

Highest Levels of Security
Unlike most RFID tags, the HI-TECH/Honeywell Crypto RFID TAG cannot be cloned, it cannot be read by unauthorized parties, and data transmissions are fully encrypted so that only issuing authorities can read the tags.

And now our Custom Crypto RFID TAG can be “mechanically” switched off and visually confirmed by our Soldiers.  Fully disabled, 0% communication, 0% harmonics and 0% detectability!*

With up to six access keys, the Crypto RFID TAG may be used in ways other tags can’t.  It can be used by multiple organizations or departments, each with its own access key and own memory space.  Each key can be assigned its own unique privileges according to the requirements of the application.  It supports cryptographic encrypted and protected writing of data to the tag, as well as cryptographic encrypted and protected reading, so that each authorized user can be confident data is safe throughout the entire transaction process.

The optimized cryptographic engine built in enables it to perform AES-128 functions three times faster than competitive tags.

Integrated "Intelligent" Fixed Readers
  • Automatically Track “Individual” Item Movement Through “Choke Points” or Between Defined Stations – Simple Layout Planning Required
  • Processes up to 10,000 Tag Reads Per Second
  • High Availability, Graphical Workflow Designer with Logical Device Management: Up to 32 Readers/128 devices per Cluster
  • Central Management: Configure and Monitor Remote Readers and External Devices
RFID Fixed Reader Automation
Proven, Role-Based Training: Remote & On-site
HI-TECH Custom Step-by-Step Instructions and Role-Based Training Tools make learning less burdensome. HI-TECH’s exclusive Training System incorporates a 32” rotated monitor and step-by-step screenshots of our RFID Mobile Computer, iPhone and Android Smartphone Apps. It’s the most effective way to get our Soldier, Leadership and support staff expertly trained to begin using this powerful technology immediately. HI-TECH’s proven Remote Kick-Off Meeting, Pre-Configured Military Server Image and Global Onsite Deployment Teams are critical to rapid scalability.
HI-TECH Expert Training: Remote & In-Person
HI-TECH Qualified as Prime Contractor in the following Functional Areas:

FA#1: Enterprise Service Provider
FA#2: Web and Internet Systems
FA#3: Electronic Document Management
FA#4: Geographical Information Systems
FA#5: Software Engineering
FA#6: Systems/Facilities Mgmt./Maintenance
FA#7: Information System Security
FA#8: Application Service Provider
FA#9: IT/Telecommunications Financial & Auditing Consulting Services
FA10#: IT Management Consulting Services
FA#11: Business Process Consulting Services
FA#16: Media & Training Center Support
FA#17: Documentation/ Technical Writing

With over 30 years experience and as a State of Maryland Master CATS+ Approved Contractor, HI-TECH provides IT Consulting and Technical Services and Solutions to State Agencies.  Since 1987, HI-TECH has installed and integrated hardware and software systems in 3,000+ organizations including Major Universities, Military, State and Local Governments.

HI-TECH Company Information

HI-TECH Business Systems, a Maryland based corporation since 1987
CAGE Code: 3U6Y7 / DUNS Number: 181412321
8098 Sandpiper Circle, Suite F Nottingham, MD 21236-4928
Primary POC: Bryan T Meehan, Sr., President
Office Telephone: 410-574-7800 / Bmeehansr@HI-TECH1.com

Bryan T. Meehan, Sr., President HI-TECH Business Systems
As a Senior Subject Matter Expert in RFID Technology, HI-TECH’s President and Founder, Bryan Sr. has over 30 years’ Project Management experience, holds a Computer Science degree, is a Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+) and DocuAudit Certified Professional with over 40 software and manufacturer‐based Certifications.

As Chief Executive, Bryan Sr. is relentless in his pursuit of innovative global technology solutions that maximize security, streamline workflows to achieve breakthrough results for Military, Federal, State and Local Governments, Healthcare, University Systems or any growth-oriented operation with dedicated leadership and staff.

Bryan Sr. and his team of industry recognized experts maintain direct relationships with major global manufacturers to create visionary solutions that deliver exceptional outcomes.