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No FLIPLs 61 Reversed

CAC-Enabled DISA Certified Mobile Computers
Disconnected Mobile Mode for Wireless and SCIF
Every Barcode Type: IUID, UID, UII and RFID Option + 0% Detectable

* Internal US Army Study Grafenwoehr, Germany
WASP Military Installations
WASP Global Enterprise
HI-TECH Clients

HI-TECH Business Systems and our Teaming Partners WASP Barcode Technologies and Honeywell have created a customized Commercial-off-the-Shelf Solution (COTS) to meet mission critical, rapid deployment requirements.

HI-TECH also brings forms capabilities, CAC-enabled RFID and 0% Detectable Crypto RFID Tag technology.

Breakthrough Speed to Issue and Accuracy

"This technology can totally change the way company commanders account for their property, giving them the speed and accuracy needed to keep accurate records which will increase readiness and reduce the risk the company commander endures every day."

Unlike most RFID tags, the HI-TECH RFID Crypto TAG cannot be cloned, it cannot be read by unauthorized parties, and data transmissions are fully encrypted so that only issuing authorities can read the tags.
And now our Custom Crypto RFID TAG can be “mechanically” switched off and visually confirmed by our Soldiers. Fully disabled, 0% communication, 0% harmonics and 0% detectability!**

** Patent Pending

0% RFID Detectability
World's First CAC-enabled Android Mobile Computer with LIVE Signatures
Proven Rapid-Deployment Training & Set-up System by HI-TECH