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Custom HI-TECH/WASP Inventory Control with RFID

Lost, stolen or damaged inventory is a serious problem for mission critical operations. Audit and compliance failures cause irreparable damage in modern times when accountability is expected. Manual systems are frustrating, cause further delay and confusion especially with high turn over. Solving inventory problems doesn’t need to be expensive or add to complexities.
The ULTIMATE Combination: HI-TECH Business Systems and WASP Inventory
HI-TECH Engineers and Project Managers provide expert, proven support to ensure your success.  From the initial Kick-off meeting to Project Plan to Customizations tailored to your specific requirements to Data Normalization and Conversion to Role-based Training, HI-TECH/WASP delivers the fastest, most Agile Inventory Solution in the world.
Key Features:
FeatureDescriptionInventory CompleteInventory Basic
HI-TECH RFID AvailablePassive Radio Frequency IDentification:
Mobile Computer & Fixed Reader
Scan & Prints 1D / 2D BarcodesOne-dimensional / Two-dimensional BarcodesYesYes
On-Premise OR WASP Hosted (Subscription)YesYes
Number of Named Users Included in Base System
5 Users
(Additional may be purchased)
1 Users
(Additional may be purchased)
Number of Sites/WarehousesUnlimited 1 Site/Warehouse Only
Customize Field Names, Drop-down Values, Modify On-Screen FormsYesNo
Number of Inventory Items, Customers, Vendors, Transactions UnlimitedUnlimited
Custom User Roles/PermissionsYesYes
Serial # TrackingYesYes
Lot # TrackingYesYes
Date Code TrackingYesYes
Check-In / Check-Out with Signature Capture & Receipt PrintingLoan Out InventoryYesYes
Email Notifications based on Complex Events and Triggers YesYes
Scheduled Report Generation based on Dates, Events & TriggersYesNo
Min/Max Stock Levels with Automated Notification & ReportingYesMin/Max Levels Only
Units of Measure ConversionYesYes
Non-Diminishing Products Service CodesYesNo
Audit and Dedicated Audit WindowYesYes
CSV Imports/ExportsYesYes
Purchase OrdersYesNo
Pick OrdersYesNo
Packing SlipsYesNo
Bill of Materials/AssembliesYesNo
Check Low Stock By VendorYesNo
Custom Report DesignerYesNo
Custom LabelsYesNo
Custom NotificationsYesNo
Pricing TiersYesNo
The Bryans
"The Bryans" and their team of engineers are personally committed to your success!
Honeywell CN80G CAC-Enabled RFID Mobile Computer
World's First CAC-Enabled RFID Android Mobile Computer
WASP iPhone Android Compatible
iPhone and Android Smartphone Compatible
HI-TECH RFID Fixed Reader
HI-TECH RFID Fixed Reader Automation
WASP Mobile Computers Barcode Label Printers
Full Line of Mobile Computers, Scanners and Barcode Label Printers
Custom RFID Tag & Label Manufacturing
Custom RFID Tag and Label Development and Manufacturing
WASP Industrial Grade Barcode Printer
Industrial Grade Barcode Printers
Custom Hand Receipt Printing
  • On-demand Portable Print Receipt for Check-In/Check-Out – Also works with Desktop Label Printer
  • Autofill DoD PDF Forms while Preserving Electronic Signature Field for “Live” CAC-Based Signature After Completion
  • Extract Data from DoD Completed Forms to Populate Asset/Inventory Fields
HI-TECH Custom Hand Receipts - Check-in Check-out