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Nonexpendable Inventory Tracking for Mission Critical Requirements

Isn’t time to replace waterproof paper, pencil and Excel?

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The Bryans
“The Bryans” and their team of engineers are personally committed to your success!
Honeywell CN80G CAC-Enabled RFID Mobile Computer
World’s First CAC-Enabled RFID Android Mobile Computer
WASP iPhone Android Compatible
iPhone and Android Smartphone Compatible
HI-TECH RFID Fixed Reader
HI-TECH RFID Fixed Reader Automation
WASP Mobile Computers Barcode Label Printers
Full Line of Mobile Computers, Scanners and Barcode Label Printers
Custom RFID Tag & Label Manufacturing
Custom RFID Tag and Label Development and Manufacturing
WASP Industrial Grade Barcode Printer
Industrial Grade Barcode Printers
DISA Certified/FedRAMP Integrations for GCSS-Army & Over 650+ Applications
HI-TECH and our Teaming Partners Solve Critical Audit Gaps Between DLA, PM Managed and GFE while Eliminating Strategic and Operation Frustration

Fixing the Front End Process has been a top priority across the Army and Senior DoD Leadership for many years..  HI-TECH’s integrated Solution delivers “End to End Process” to solve Class II, V, VII, VII and IX from BoM, UII and IUID Compliance and interoperability while reducing Class VII process delays and more. 

FACT: There is NO other solution that achieves this ultimate level of ease-of-use, Military Readiness, scalability or economy – that’s why over 1,000+ military operations have already purchased our system for individual use.  Contact the HI-TECH Team of globally recognized SMEs and access our expert fellow engineers, exclusive manufacturing partners and C-level Teaming Partners at Dell Federal, Honeywell and WASP Barcode Technologies to learn more: Call 410-574-7800 Today (M-F 0830 – 1700 EDT)


Nonexpendable Inventory Features:
FeatureDescriptionAsset On-Premise COMPLETEAsset On-Premise BASIC
HI-TECH RFID Available with Options for 0% Detectable Passive, Active with GPS, Multi mode Cellular and Military Iridium Satellite Passive Radio Frequency IDentification:
Mobile Computer & Fixed Reader
Yes - Exclusive HI-TECH OptionNo
DISA Certified CAC-Enabled Mobility: HI-TECH ExclusiveDefense Information Systems Agency Tracking Number 2108301 DODi 8100.04 DoD CIO UCR: HI-TECH ExclusiveYes - Exclusive HI-TECH OptionNo
Government Batch for SCIF with DISA APL Certified Mobile Devices: HI-TECH ExclusiveMobile Devices allow full functionality of synced Assets and adding new items on-the-fly for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities used to process Classified InformationYes - Exclusive HI-TECH OptionNo
DD / DA Series PDF Forms Integration and Printing: HI-TECH ExclusiveYes - Exclusive HI-TECH OptionNo
PMCS and Attachment Management for Mobile DevicesIndividually Select Attachments Sync with Mobile Users/Teams. DOCUMENTS: PDF, Doc, Excel; PICTURES: JPG, BMP and othersYesNo
Application Program Interface (API) Development: HI-TECH ExclusiveRest API is a rapid deployment interface that defines interactions between multiple software applications and hardware that control the kinds of "calls or requests" to ensure reliable interoperability: (HI-TECH Exclusive Option)Yes - Exclusive HI-TECH OptionNo
Scan & Prints 1D / 2D BarcodesOne-dimensional / Two-dimensional BarcodesYesYes
On-Premise OR WASP Hosted (Subscription - Amazon Cloud)YesNo
Number of Named Users Included in Base System
5 Users
(Additional Five Users Packs may be purchased)
1 Users
(Additional individual Users may be purchased)
Number of Inventory Items, Customers, Vendors, Transactions UnlimitedUnlimited
Serial #/IUID TrackingYesYes
Parent Child Grouping and ManagementYesNo
"Multi-Quantity" AssetsNon-serialized Inventory may be tracked by Product or Part YesNo
Number of Sites/WarehousesUnlimited 1 Site/Warehouse Only
Customize Field Names, Drop-down Values, Modify On-Screen FormsYesNo
Custom User Roles/PermissionsYesYes
Check-In / Check-Out with Signature Capture & Hand Receipt PrintingLoan Out Inventory (IT Equipment, Weaponry, etc.)YesYes
Email Notifications based on Complex Events and Triggers YesYes
Audit and Dedicated Audit WindowYesYes
Customize Asset Tags for PrintingYesNo
Built-in Custom Report Designer to Modify Existing and Add ReportsYesNo
Scheduled Report Generation based on Dates, Events & TriggersYesNo
CSV Imports/ExportsYesYes
Move AssetsYesYes
Dispose Assets YesYes
Transaction History for Compliance and AccountabilityYesYes
Custom Notifications Ability to set individual or group notification alertsYesNo
Quick Maintenance YesNo
Work Orders on Desktop and Mobile YesNo
Funding/Budget TrackingYesNo
Contract/License TrackingYesNo
Full Microsoft SQL Server versus SQL Express: HI-TECH ExclusiveMSSQL Server removes the 10GB database size limit and harness the full processing CPU and memory power, includes SQL Agent and other essential Enterprise-level features: (HI-TECH Exclusive Option)Yes - Exclusive HI-TECH OptionNo
Proven Rapid Deployment, Agile Project Plan with Role-based, hands on Simulation Training and LMS: HI-TECH ExclusiveHI-TECH's Learning Management System is field proven over the past 33 years to ensure rapid results for every size deploymentYes - Exclusive HI-TECH OptionNo
Certified Senior WASP Engineers with Computer Science Degree, Minimum 5+ Years Military Service: HI-TECH Exclusive Yes - Exclusive HI-TECH OptionNo
Certified Military Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support: HI-TECH ExclusiveYes - Exclusive HI-TECH OptionNo
Enterprise Demilitarized Zone (DMZ): HI-TECH ExclusiveMilitary-ready perimeter network that protects an organization’s internal Local-Area Network from untrusted traffic for DoD Compliance: (HI-TECH Exclusive)Yes - Exclusive HI-TECH OptionNo

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